The Merging of Shadows

(Book 1 of 2) 

Sixteen-year-old Marimar Utterson has just found herself living in a small southern town’s notoriously haunted house when she meets Sage Sterling—a handsome hazel-green eyed boy. Sage is not only captivated by Marimar’s petite beauty and fiery disposition, but by her home’s mysterious past. Unfortunately, his fascination with her house turns perilous when he manages to infuriate the spirit who in turn lashes out against Marimar.


Together, they must set off to uncover the spirit’s dark secret in hopes of finally laying it to rest. For with each encounter the malicious presence diminishes Marimar’s grasp on her sanity and odds of survival.





 The Darkness that Lies Inside

(Book 2 of 2)

After undergoing battle with her dead roommate and reclaiming her house, Marimar attempts to go back to life as normal. But darkness has a way of creeping back in and as the darkness spreads so does the chaos. Sage begins to keep secrets, her once loving baby sister is beginning to change and grow distant, and everything Marimar thought she knew to be true was wrong. Danger is once again lurking at every corner and if she is to stop it from spreading any further a sacrifice must be made.


Cornered and alone, Marimar must choose to either embrace the light— fulfilling the role she was predestined to take, risking the loss of the one she holds most dear—or be swallowed by the darkness.