Dear Reader and or Fellow Paranormal Geek Hiding in the Closet of Normalcy,

If you are into young adult supernatural thrillers featuring a short, feisty sixteen-

year-old girl who has to battle her not-so-dead roommate in order to freaking survive long enough to get together with the handsome idiot who started the whole thing, then you have stopped at the right book. If not, then why are you still reading this? Move along, freak, move along.




To My Fellow Heathens,

Do you find yourself trapped in rather peculiar situations connected to the occult? If so, you have come to the right place. My name is Staan, I am an expert of sorts. A leading figure of all things dark and horrifying, you could even say I wrote the book on it. I can help you out of your … delicate situations…. 

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My Dearest Adam,

So you say that you unwittingly signed a contract to enter into relaxing six-week spa retreat and now due to an unfortunate oversight on your part and gross inability to read the fine print are now unable to leave voluntarily now that things are beginning to get a little weird. By weird do you mean to say that …?

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